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Welcome to Meelook, the social umbrella, where you can combine, connect and share your social media profiles and contact information in an instant... here's how...

First step, sign up! Then go to 'edit profile' to decide which contact details and social media profiles you want to include on the site. Just follow the example for each of the profile options and paste your own unique URL into that section.

Next choose the information and profiles you want publicly available and the private ones seen only by a chosen few, and set accordingly. You can then create a unique meecode to share your profile links which you can customise and edit at any time.

When this is scanned it will take the scanner to your meelook profile. He or she can then store your contact details, link to social media sites and connect with you via these.

However unless already a member they will need to bookmark the page and add your details once signed up, as scanned private information times out after 20 minutes.

You can also connect to fellow members by searching for them on the site, editing their privileges and sending a contact request ...

Happy Meelooking!